CrossFit – Sun, Aug 7

CrossFit Albuquerque – CrossFit


400m run or 500m row

Foam Roll and Stretch Tight Areas


E3MOM for 21 Minutes:

1 clean pull + 1 hang power clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk of choice

Building up to 75-80% of 1-RM Clean and Jerk


5 sets of 5 reps (at your own pace)

Segmented Clean Grip Deadlift (1 sec pause below the knee, 1 sec pause just above the knee, 1 sec pause at mid thigh)

Aim for between 90-110% of 1RM Clean Weight


Split Jerks from rack or blocks:

5 sets of 2 reps building to 75-80% of 1-RM Jerk weight

Split Jerk

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