CFKIDS and Kids at the gym


With fall upon us and winter coming, I wanted to put out some reminders and review guidelines for CFKids and little beasts at the gym as we are all going to have to move inside.
ADULTS   [If you are over 15, we are talking to you!]
1.  Our gym is great because we are like family.  Lively big group discussions.  Small group chatting.  Protein drink
     We get it.  We are awesome.
     It is SUPER distracting on Wednesday and especially Saturday mornings when ALL the chatter is going on during
     CFKids class.  Kids can’t pay attention.  Coaches can’t pay attention.  And nobody likes yelling.
     If we can all remember to take our discussion outside from 10 – 11 on Saturday mornings, it would be much
2.  You want to get shredded.  It is true.  We want you to get shredded too …. just not during CFKids class on Saturday
      For protection of our little beasts [who are running around and sometimes lack awareness of thier surroundings], 10 – 11 a.m.
      on Saturday morning is Not open gym time.  We apologize for any inconvenience but we do love safety first.
3.  Because we share with open gym on Wednesdays, there will be designated lifting space marked by orange cones
     which our kids will STAY out of, if you promise to STAY in 🙂
4.  I know, I know – it’s a bummer that we don’t have a preschool CFKids class yet.  Everyone wants to play.
     We love all your kids [not just the ones in class].  To keep them safe, we are asking for some help.
     While the gym looks like an AMAZING playground – it is not.  [Darn it all]
     If your children or friend’s children are NOT in CFKids, we have an SUPER AWESOME space in the front lobby
     where they can hang out.  Equipment is expensive.  Swinging like a monkey from rings is fun but dangerous when
     not done properly.  The Crossover Symmetry is not a toy.  I would say go ahead and let them break the AD Bikes
     but Joe Vigil would be super upset! 🙂
     Please keep your little people in the front of the gym during ALL class times .  It’s for EVERYONE’S SAFETY.
CrossFit Kids
1.  We LOVE your kids are becoming little beasts!  What we love even more is when they come ready to crush it!
     *  Please be reminded that CLOSE TOED SHOES [preferably of the sneaker kind] are required to participate.
     *  Jeans look awesome but are SUPER difficult to work out in.  Athletic clothes rock our world!
     *  Water!  Water!  Water!  We all drink it and so do they.  Bringing a water bottle cuts down on trips to the
        fountain especially on Wednesdays when adult classes are in session.
2.  The thought has crossed our minds to make parents do the “Late Penalty” Burpees.  Unless you LOVE some
      burpees, please try your best to get here on time.
Questions, Comments, Concerns?  Tell JV because he has nothing to do right now …. just kidding.  Let me know and we are willing to help and chat about it!
Lift Something Heavy Today.
K. Ruma

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