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The Open is over, the weather is getting warmer (mostly), and life goes on outside of the gym. Let’s get out and have some fun! Whether it is a day hike, a trip to the tumbling gym, or some indoor climbing, let’s get out of the gym and have a good time being fit. If you have any ideas or goals outside of the box, let your coaches know and we can make it happen. If there is a run coming up or something new you want to try, ask your friends at CFABQ so we can go at it together. You can also look forward to CFABQ’s endurance class, which starts May 15th and meets off site, and the return of Park WODs. CrossFit Albuquerque is so much more than the walls, plates and barbells—it’s the people and the community, and we can take it anywhere. Shoot us your ideas, and let’s have a rad, super fit summer.

If you haven’t felt the satisfaction of using your fitness doing something other than a WOD here is your chance. On Sunday, April 28th 2013 we are planning a La Luz Trail hike. We are meeting at the base of the Sandia tram at 8a.m. and carpooling to the trailhead  If you haven’t hiked the La Luz, be prepared for a challenging, but doable hike. The trail is about 8 miles long; by the end we will have hiked from 7000ft of elevation to a little over 10,000ft. Not to worry, I completed the hike pre-CrossFit, survived the 18 switchbacks, and made it to the top, all without too much crying. Plenty of water is a must, as well as snacks. We can have lunch at the top and ride the tram to the bottom. The hike takes anywhere from 4-6 hours, so plan for a full day. There are plenty of great spots to stop for mini-picnics and scenic views. If you have hiked the La Luz before, this is an awesome opportunity to take it on as your now fitter self. Either way, it will be a fun day with great people.

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  1. Adan says:

    I’m gonna plan on running it and then drink beer at the top till everyone makes it up. Let me know if anyone else wants to do the same.

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