Bugaboo 2013- 5 Years Running and Better Than Ever

See this picture?  Its a picture of Jay.  Jay doesnt go to CrossFit Albuquerque.  Jay’s CrossFit career is still very young.  And yet, Jay came out and supported us at Bugaboo 2013.  And he wasnt alone.  There were hundreds of us.  Athletes from affiliates all around town,  non CrossFiters, friends, strangers, kids, and so many more.  On that day, we were all united in one place to do one thing.  To struggle, and suffer, and laugh, and most importantly to fight to end SMA.  8 years ago I lost my son, Benjamin.  6 Years ago I lost my daughter Addi.  When we lost our children we knew almost NONE of the people out on that field on Saturday.  Any yet you all came out anyway.  You came and donated your money that you work so hard to earn.  You came and donated you time, which is so precious to us all.  And you came and gave your blood, sweat and tears.    “Thank you” is all that I can give back but know that the words will never do justice to the impact that all of your friendship and support meant to me and Tasha that day.   I am so overwhelmed and blown away by how amazing this community is.  In case you missed the end, we raised over $17,000.  It was the most successful Bugaboo ever…and by a long shot.  On that day, you all made a difference.  Thank you again.

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  1. Tim R says:

    So happy to be a part of it Ben. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all.

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