Bugaboo 2012


I am humbled beyond belief for what was privileged to be a part of this weekend.   As most of you know, SMA took 2 amazing children from Tasha and I, but this weekend your generosity, love and support helped keep their spirit thriving.  Spinal Muscular Atrophy is the number one genetic killer of children under 2.  But this weekend the CrossFit community came together to fight that statistic.  Statistics are made to be broken, crushed and defeated.

Seeing everyone come together, suffer together and be a part of something bigger than themselves is what this place is all about.  Our legs burned, our hand tore, our lungs were empty and yet we all kept going…for all 200 reps.  Everyone had that moment…that moment when you wanted to stop, when you wanted to quit, and yet you didn’t.  You honored Bug and Addi on Saturday by fighting through it and going to the bitter end.

And speaking of thanks, a special thanks to Laura Hines, Monica with Carristo Creative, Rock Tape, Ready Ice, Adan, Kim and Starbucks, Shane for the Vision, CrossFit Hellbox, Duke City CrossFit, CrossFit Sandstorm, Bayou City CrossFit, and CrossFit 1836.  Most of all, thank you to each and every person who came out and made Bugaboo 2012 what it was: AMAZING!

200 Thruster for Time

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  1. Beau Arnold says:

    Thanks for a great day. I have a video of my 5 and 9 yr. old doing thrusters, they wanted to show there support. Wanted to know where to seen?


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