Be a Mentor & Role Model. Looking for Volunteers

If there is one thing that every single one of our members at CFABQ share, it is their strong spirit. A CrossFitter’s character is one of drive, motivation, commitment, knowledge and loyalty. If a person doesn’t have these traits, he/she probably won’t stick around at CrossFit for too long.  That being said, I can’t think of a better group of people to be role models and mentors for the children involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

CrossFit Albuquerque is looking for members from our great community to volunteer to be mentors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico.

Being a “Big” requires a 2x/month visit with your “Little” for a couple of hours with a minimum commitment of 1 year. Bigs & Littles are matched according to common interests, so the activities chosen will most likely be quite enjoyable for both of you. Imagine how gratifying it would feel to know that you could have such a positive impact on a child who didn’t even know his/her potential. Read the real life stories HERE. Additionally, CFABQ will plan monthly group park WODs, games, hikes, etc. for the Littles throughout the summer.

For volunteer inquiries, HERE. Sign up immediately in time for summer CFABQ BBBS events.

This is our chance as a gym to start something big. Each one-on-one relationship with a child in need of a role model is significant. If you have questions or ideas, contact Whitney at

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