April Coach Spotlight: Felicia Jackson (aka FJ)

Name: Felicia Jackson

Position: Coach (12:00pm class several times a week)

When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started CrossFit in February 2014 with Whitney’s 5am boot camp. And like most, I was instantly addicted! It was nice to come into an environment where you were.   encouraged to test your limits and be strong.

What made you decide to start coaching?
CrossFit changed the way I viewed my capabilities as a woman and as a human. So, it was a natural progression, for myself, to want to share that passion with others. If I can illicit a positive change in anyone else’s life, then I have done my job as a coach and a human being.

What do you like most about coaching?
The FUN! I love to bring some fun and silliness to fitness. Sometimes the workouts hurt. Sometimes the warm-ups hurt (we’ve all had those days!). If I can get a laugh or a smile through it all, and you can have a good time, then I can keep you coming back and staying healthy everyday.

What is your favorite thing to coach?
I really like coaching accessory movements and frequently incorporate them into my warm-ups. I gear those movements towards preventing injury in any of the workouts we have on the board that day. Anything with a band to warm you up for squats and get those glutes fired up is my favorite! Just ask the noon class.

What is your least favorite thing to coach?
Ring Muscle Ups, because I still don’t know what it feels like to do one. And don’t feel bad for me. LOL. I have long left that expectation of my shoulder long behind!

What is your favorite lift?
The snatch. It’s one of the most complex Olympic weightlifting movements that we perform. It takes some of the longest time to perfect. It is the most humbling. But when it executed to perfection is BEAUTIFUL!

What is something most people do not know about you?
I am adopted. I was raised knowing that and it’s never been taboo in my family. Just something kind of cool. My only known blood relatives are my children, Viviana and Mason. So, naturally I love them more than 90s hip hop!

What is your favorite thing about the CrossFit community and CFABQ community?
I love the laughter and the fun. I like knowing that I will almost always have someone to workout with if I drop in at open gym and someone it here. There is always a smiling face around. I love my ladies (and some of my guys!) that dance with me through class. I love that you can be who you are, and there is no judgment.

What are you most excited about in 2019?
I’m excited to see what the new Open structure will bring for all of our athletes.
I’m excited to help our athletes pursue their goals.
I’m excited to get to spend more time at CFABQ coaching and working out!

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