misfortune – disaster – distress – calamity – hardship these are common synonyms for the term adversity. Recently at regionals as you all know from ben’s post we encountered misfortune, disaster, distress, and hardship more then once in a day. Some might have said well that sucks better luck next year. As a team we instead still did every wod to the best of our ability regardless of the fact knowing we couldnt finish as a team. It says something about the character of the people at our gym. We could have DNF’d the competition and called it a weekend but we were motivated to not come in last place. We beat 7 teams without being able to finish the workouts.  In my opinion that is amazing. We never once gave up who we were as a team work still needed to get done and we did just that.

The same holds true to all of the members at our gym. You cant let your misfortunes get in the way of your long term goals. Just as Whitney said in her post about bad training days we all have them. yes it sucks but the sun will come up again tomorrow and you have a clean slate and a brand new slate. Instead of taking a weight you put on the bar  off because now its heavy is an example of this. I see this all the time at the gym unless your from is completely garbage and your risk hurting yourself keep that weight on there, you will be amazed at what finishing a workout at a weight you thought was previously impossible feels like. So what if your a minute slower than everyone else. Gains cannot be made if your afraid to suffer or take the easy road by stripping your weights off so you can finish with everyone else. This is about your personal level of fitness mentally and physically not joe schmoe next to you cranking out reps. If you start a workout with a weight you need to finish with that weight and overcome your adversity with it. Like i said before the exception to this is if your form and safety are at extreme risks but if its just because you are hurting and feeling sorry for yourself guess what thats called adversity and you need to get passed it. Keep up the hard work ABQ and keep pushing yourself. Crossfit is about good people and we deffinitely have those at our gym, keep yourselves accountable and get better everday



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  1. Shane says:

    Love it. Never give up. Never give in. Never quit.

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