5:00pm Class Soon to be CrossFit Basics Class

The 5:00pm class Monday through Friday will become a CrossFit Basics class, starting September 1st, 2019. 

The CrossFit Basics class will be geared more towards basic CrossFit or “vanilla” CrossFit. It will entail more basic movements, less complexity, and will have less skilled movements such as high skill weightlifting (snatches, jerks) and gymnastics movements (handstand push-ups, muscle ups, etc.). 

The Basics class will include the same amount of intensity as the normal group classes and will be great for all levels of members, but especially for people new to CrossFit in general.

If you have questions about what the Basics class will be like, please feel free to contact Joe at joe@crossfitalbuquerque.com.

We look forward to adding a new type of class to our roster! 

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