5 pieces of mobility to include in your 14.3 warm up

1. Before you start the rolling, smashing, and rubber-banding, warm up your posterior chain with a row or ski-erg. Show up early and spend a good bit of time breaking a sweat. If you usually row 500m you might want to go for a 1000m at a nice easy pace.

2. Hop on a foam roller. Spend a good bit of time unshackle your spine. Don’t neglect your thoracic spine and upper back. Roll out your hamstrings and claves as well.

3. Do some smashing. Put your ankle on top of a kettle bell handle and cross your other ankle over the top. Massage the tissues by rolling your bottom leg from side to side and playing around with rotating your bottom foot in one direction and then the next. Work your way all the way up, stopping at sticky spots and holding for about 15 seconds before moving on. Swap legs and repeat.

4. Grab a resistance band and check out the mobility posters hanging in the gym. Spend about ten minutes working on a few of the banded hamstring stretches (there are several to choose from).

5. Give your lower back and posterior chain even more love. Sit in pigeon pose for 1-2 on each side.

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