3rd Nutrition Seminar Coming Up! December 12th @ 2pm

nutrition pic

You can attend this seminar even if you haven’t attended the other two! We are really excited our member, Becky Freeman, will be presenting on Supplements and Alcohol. Below is a description of the upcoming seminar.

I. Supplements
We will start off with talking about the supplement industry. I want you to have the information you need to understand how the supplement industry works; whether or not they have to follow rules to sell their product; what to watch out for when purchasing and how to read the labels; and how to search for a safe product.
We will also review a few common supplements such as essential amino acids (branch chain amino acids), glutamine, creatine, and caffeine (along with talk about pre-workout powders & energy drinks).
II. Alcohol & Your Body
Our second topic in this seminar is alcohol. Most folks know the legal rules of drinking but do you know how it actually affects your body?
We will discuss the aftermath of a night of drinking and it’s impairment on making positive strides towards your fitness level and overall health. Topics include but not limited to: what affects absorption rates in different people; brain and sleep impairment; why more fat mass is stored and muscle tissue cannot repair, perform, or grow; and how endurance is severely impaired.

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