2013 Crossfit games open

As many of you know the 2013 Crossfit games is upon us. Once again I encourage all of you to sign up and compete, it is a ton of fun! The first open workout will be released wednesday March 6th, and then 4 subsequent wednesdays after that another workout will be released. In order for your scores to count you must do ALL 6 workouts (even if you just do one rep). You will be judged by your peers for range of motion and held accountable for your reps. So in these few days leading up pay extra attention to efficiency and perfection, missed reps are not fun. As a result of the open our schedule for Saturdays will change for these 5 weeks (march 9th- april 6th) . We will have only have ONE workout on saturday, this will be the open workout starting at 9am sharp. Anyone can come, even if you are not competing, you will just not be assigned a judge. We will run as many heats as needed until everyone has finished. As of right now We have the 8th largest team in our region! Huge thanks to everyone who has signed up so far! Let me, or any of the coaches know if you have any questions or concerns at all, see you in the gym!

Use this link HERE to check out the games page and sign up. (be sure to join our affiliate team)

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