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At CrossFit Albuquerque, we give you the coaching, expertise, and motivation to reach a level of fitness you never thought possible. Regardless of your fitness level (you do NOT need to be in great shape to come here) our coaches are here to get you where you want to be.

CrossFit is the sport of life.

You are coached to develop skill and strength in movements you do everyday in the real world like squatting, standing up, picking up heavy items, pushing weight overhead, and running after your kids. CrossFit Albuquerque will drive you to meet your fitness, performance, health, and nutritional goals in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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These sessions are one on one with a member of our staff and will be scheduled individually.

During the Intro Session we will:

  • Spend some time talking about our program and about you and your lifestyle and fitness goals
  • Describe how CrossFit Albuquerque will put you on the path to those goals.
  • You will participate in a CrossFit workout
  • Answer any questions or concerns that you might have

Contact us via phone or email to sign up for a free session.


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