Total week is back! Sept 22nd-27th

september 22 to 27

Total Week is back! 22nd-27th. Bring the Pr’s!!

The CFA Total is a week long test of skill and fitness.  Is it all encompassing?  Probably not, but just as the CrossFit Games have shown, the true and total test of fitness is a very hard thing to measure.  We have put together five events, these five events are broad, general, and inclusive. They are spread across many different time domains.  Some are tests of strength, some of skill and technique, and some are simply a gut check.  Our goal is to give you a quantifiable number with which to gauge your overall fitness. We retest the CFA Total every 6 months. Pizes will be given to the top atheltes in each division  Athletes competing in the CFA Total will choose to compete in one of the following three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Rxd (These correspond well to Function, Performance, and WolfPack).  In order to properly rate and compare the scores, athletes will not be able to scale within the given categories.  As an example, if you can complete 3 events in the Rxd division but will need to do two of the events in the Intermediate division, then the athlete should compete in the Intermediate Division.  As athletes progress over time, they should strive to move up the divisions.  One event will be held each day, at each of the classes, except for Friday which will be a make up day (basically you will be able to make up a missed event from the first 4 events). Everyone must attend event 5, on Saturday , to get a score.  Every member of CFA, regardless of membership level, is eligible to attend all five events this week.

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