Schedule Change during the Open (Feb 27-march 31) and general info

February 27 to march 31

We will have a slight schedule change for the duration of the Crossfit Open competition (Feb 27-March 31). For these 5 weeks the 5pm and 6pm classes on Friday will be cancelled.  We will be running the Open wods as a group on Fridays @5:30pm and Sunday mornings @8:30am. We will just run heats, so come by early if you need to get out early. We can use all of the judges that we can get, so if you would like to judge please come by and help out. If you cannot make either of these times please contact one or all of the trainers asap to set up a time to get a judge and do the workout. The workouts will be released every Thursday @6pm and the scores are due by Monday @6pm. YOU are responsible for submitting your scores, I can only validate a score once it has been submitted, so please do not forget to submit your scores. Please let me or any of the trainers know if you have any questions at all regarding the Open rules etc.

The open is always a very exciting and worth while competition to sign up for. You can do it all in the comfort of your own gym, so there arent any real big reasons not to do it. Many people will push themselves to new PRS as well as gain experience with competition and build some camaraderie. And others do it to challenge themselves outside of the comfort zone (kind of like when you started Crossfit in the first place!). So if you are on the fence I highly recommend you sign up, and you may end up helping the gym go to regionals with a top 3 score.

HERE is a link to the game page to sign up 

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