CFABQ Whole 30/Paleo clean eatin Nutrition Challenge!

january 6 to february 6
Whole 30/paleo nutrition 30 day challenge!

CFABQ  will be putting on a 1-month Whole 30 nutrition challenge starting January 6th-Feb 7th. During that month we challenge you to take your nutrition to the next level and eat as clean as possible, following the Whole-9 nutrition guide. All that we require from you is to sign up with us/ weigh in during Jan 6th-10th, and like our Cfabq whole-30 challenge Facebook page (Link HERE). Use the facebook page as a blog to share recipes and thoughts on your journey. Once you sign up you will be given a Nutrition guide which will provide all the necessary information you need to get going. You can also ask any of us coaches for info or explanations as well. We will have a baseline workout January 6th, and again at the beginning of February. There will be prizes given to the most improved, you may also write a short reflection of the experience, and the *best (*by Ben’s discretion 🙂 will be given a prize as well. The purpose of this challenge is to make us more aware of what we eat, find a sustainable balance in nutrition, and identify things that may be effecting us in a negative way and not even know it, and of course to promote a healthier lifestyle. It is only one month, and we will provide you with the resources to be successful. Let me or any of the other coaches know if you have any questions. Lets the challenge begin!

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