Battle Buddy 57 Saturday May 11th @9am

may 11
Battle Buddy 57 fundraiser to benefit UNM hospital Mariposa Program, May 11th @9am.

Hey everyone! CFABQ will be participating in a fundraiser/workout put on by some of our buddies over at Bayou City Crossfit. Originally this was set up as a fundraiser for a hospital in Houston (see below for details) but it has grown and this year Chad has set it up so that all of the proceeds we collect to go to a hospital of our choice. We are going with the UNM Mariposa program. There is a page set up to take the donations, make sure to scroll down and choose the “CF Albuquerque” option (we are at the bottom of the page.) The cost is $50 ($25 per person) and the workout is of course done with a partner, so find a buddy and get ready! These events and fundraisers really show the strength of Crossfit’s community, and with everything going to a local hospital program it is a win-win. Let me know if you have any questions at all. Thank you all so much!

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The WOD is “Olivia”, in honor of my daughter.
“Olivia” WOD, Battle Buddy Style
57 Reps of each movement below are completed by teams of two, only one person can do work at a time.
1. Box Jumps, 20”
2. Push Press, Mens (M) 95 lbs., Coed 75 lbs., Womens (W) 55 lbs.
3. Sit ups w/ Dynamex toss, M 20 lbs., Coed 16 lbs., W 12lbs.
4. Lunges w/ dumbell, M 35 lbs., Coed 25 lbs., W 20 lbs.
5. Push-ups, Chest to ground, knees off ground, worming will be allowed
6. KB Swings, M 35 lbs., Coed 35 lbs., W 30 lbs.
7. Squat w/ dumbell M 35 lbs., Coed 25 lbs., W 20 lbs.
8. BURPEES!!!!
More About Olivia’s Story
Olivia’s story started before she was born. During Leslie’s pregnancy, we found out that she was growing slower than most babies and were referred to a series of specialists associated with Texas Children’s Hospital. As a result of those visits, we learned that Olivia really looked like a normal baby, just smaller and with a few issues that we’d need to look into after she was born. Olivia was born July 20, 2009 and weighed in at 3 pounds, 11 ounces. Right away, a neonatology team whisked Olivia to a prepared area to be evaluated. She had a blockage in her airway and wasn’t breathing. The blockage was cleared, Olivia met mom and then went straight to the Neonatal ICU at Texas Children’s.
After that, Olivia was watched 24×7 by the staff at Texas Children’s for 57 days. Olivia’s first few days in the NICU were trying for the entire family, but mostly for her. During that time she essentially had her entire body imaged and evaluated by doctors at Texas Children’s. Olivia has complete blood work done, an MRI of her head, an ultrasound of her head, an ultrasound of her heart, an echocardiogram of her heart, an ultrasound of her abdomen, x-rays of her lungs, and complete sequencing of her chromosomes.These were literally the worst moments of our lives, as the doctors told us that there was a chance that Olivia had a life threatening condition that she most likely wouldn’t survive. So we waited, and cried, and waited, and cried, and prayed, and prayed, and cried, and prayed, and prayed, and waited, and cried, and waited. Then, one by one, the tests came back, all positive! Olivia has an extremely rare chromosomal deletion, something that wouldn’t have been diagnosable a few years ago. That condition has resulted in minor issues, but nothing life threatening. She’ll have delays as she develops and her eyesight and hearing may be pretty bad, but from where we started with a life threatening diagnosis, we’re OK with that.

I’d be lying if I said that since Olivia came home from the hospital that things have been normal, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. She has therapy almost every day and we go to TCH A LOT. She’s our little sweetheart and wouldn’t be here with us today without Texas Children’s. Watching this little girl fight through all of this hardship has been life changing; it’s so amazing what this little girl’s determination has taught us.

— Chad and Leslie Stevens —




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