5 Crossfit Apps to Track Your Progress

Keeping track of your Crossfit progress has never been easier. With tons of apps available in the palm of your hand, the only challenge is choosing which one is the best fit for you. Checkout the details on 5 popular Crossfit apps below, and get motivated to never miss another WOD.

  1. myWOD (Link) 

Price: $3.90

Rating: 3.6/5

Notable Features:

  • Track your completed workouts
  • Graph your WODs and PRs
  • Automatically calculate training weight for 1-10 rep max 
  • Create and save your own custom WODs, 
  • Find daily WODs straight from the Crossfit website 
  • Has over 150 preloaded WODs
  • Has a collection of how-to videos showing basic & advanced moves
  • “Find a Gym” feature locates Crossfit gyms near you

While myWOD is the only app on this list that costs money upfront, it comes with a ton of features. It is also rated #72 of all health and fitness apps on the Itunes app store.

  1. WOD Log (Link) 

Price: Free

Rating: 4.9/5

Notable Features: 

  • Track your PRs and WODs
  • Share your progress on social media
  • Subscribe to your favorite boxes 
  • Calculate your Athletic Skill Level
  • Weight percentage charts
  • Attach pictures to your WODs
  • Comes with over 150 WODs
  • Keep track of your favorite WODs
  • Enter results and notes for your tracked WODs

Reviews of WOD Log boast of how user friendly the app is. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to start tracking your progress with, this may be the right choice.

  1. WOD Genie (Link) 


Rating: No rating

Notable Features: 

  • WOD generator
  • How-to videos for the movements
  • Built in timer to time workouts 

If all you need are free WODs at the palm of your hand, than this is an easy choice. It might not have all of the tracking and shareable features of the other apps, but when you’re looking for a WOD it’ll be easy to find.

  1. SugarWOD CrossFit™ Official app (Link) 

Price: Free

Rating: 4.9/5

Notable Features:

  • Subscribe to your box’s WOD feed
  • Receive alerts when your box’s WOD is posted
  • Prep videos to use before your WOD 
  • Connect with Crossfit athletes all over the world
  • Check out how your friends are doing on your daily leaderboard
  • Show support for your friends with comments and “fistbumps”
  • Create and record a custom workout
  • Track workouts done at home

As an official app of CrossFit™, you gain access to a lot of uniquely CrossFit™ material. You’re also able to connect with athletes all around the world and provide support for one another.

  1. CrossFit btwb CrossFit™ Official app (Link) 

Price: Free

Rating: 4.3/5

  • Post results for every workout 
  • Create “squads” and keep up with your friends’ results. 
  • Find out what your Fitness Level is 
  • Discover the perfect workout among 8+ Million  WODs.
  • Compare your progress with World-Wide Leaderboards.
  • Track body fat and benchmarks 

Called “The World’s largest Crossfit Log”, Crossfit btwb is heavily focused on the tracking of your progress as compared to other people all over the world. Now get out there and smash some goals man! 

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