Gym Reminders

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we don’t know. Below are a few reminders the coaches would like you to please keep in mind.

1) Extra work is to be done during Open Gym hours. In the evening, Open Gym starts at 7pm, please wait to do your extra work during that time as our evening classes get pretty full.

2) Please pick up your equipment when you’re done using it. We are not your mother.

3) The recycle bin next to the entrance to the gym is for recyclables. Please refrain from throwing trash in this bin.

4) Have spatial awareness when in the gym around others working out. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. Be aware when someone is lifting or doing double unders etc.

5) If you are sick, please stay home and don’t spread the germs all around the gym. We all don’t want to catch what you have.

6) Please use the chalk for your hands only. It is quite expensive. If you need help keeping track of your rounds or reps, please use pennies, a dry erase marker on the white plastic parts of the wall, or a clicker counter.


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