30-Day Clean Eating Challenge


Interested in making a change in your diet in the new year? This may just be the challenge for you.

Coaches Whitney and Jacy will be leading a 30-day challenge, starting January 9th. It doesn’t matter if you already have a diet plan, if you’d like to complete a Whole30, if you’re looking to cut out sugar/dairy/gluten, or if you’d like Whitney to write you a meal plan ($75/ a meal plan), this is a challenge for those that want to be part of a group that has the same goal in mind – make a dietary change in the new year.

This purpose of this challenge is to help you:
-have a plan
-stay consistent
-enjoy it!

At the end we would love to have your testimonials and help guide you to make this a permanent change in your life.

If you are interested in participating, email Jacy at jacy@crossfitalbuquerque.com and she can give you more details about the private Facebook group and the guidelines for the group. If you need a meal plan written for you, Whitney is charging $75/ meal plan and you can email her at whitneyc@crossfitalbuquerque.com to get started.

This gives you the rest of this week and weekend to prep and get set. Start the new year in a healthy way!

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