This is for those that are new to CrossFit or functional training in general. This program will allow the athlete to develop the range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance needed to complete a majority of the exercises and rep schemes used before moving on to the more complicated and technical movements. The volume and intensity of the training will be challenging but there will be an eye to perfecting the movement placed before speed of the workout. View function workouts


This is for the seasoned CrossFit Albuquerque Athlete who has shown reasonable proficiency in most of the movements and who has a requisite basis of strength and endurance. Technique and range of motion will continue to be developed but a higher premium will be put into intensity. View performance workouts

Wolf Pack

This is for the serious CrossFit Games Athlete. Nearly all of the movements should be done with perfect range of motion and with above average technique. Strength and endurance are high enough for the athlete to sustain and grow under aggressive volume and intensity. Highly technical movements can be done and are being refined. This is ONLY for those wanting to compete in the CrossFit Games. View wolf pack workouts

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  • 9:00 am Team WOD*
  • 10:00 am Open Gym


October 21st Duke City Marathon
Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before - run a marathon or half marathon! The Duke City Marathon is THE race!
October 27th @8am 10th Annual Bugaboo WOD
This year marks our 10th Annual Bugaboo Cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Fundraiser WOD. 200 thrusters for time. Help raise money to find a cure for SMA. The event will be held at CFABQ, heats begin at 8am.
November 9-11th Veteran Games
Partner competition, same sex, RX only. 5 WODs, 5 different gyms. New competition coming to Albuqureque, get ready...

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