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Thursday July 31, 2014
The Whopper

A. Build to a heavy bench press for the day

Then 5 sets

B1. 5 reps of bench press, rest 30 seconds

B2. Max set of pushups, rest 60 seconds

C. 2 x 60 seconds max assault bike cals or 2 x500 m row/erg sprint for time, rest as needed between

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The Whopper

A. Close grip bench press build to a max

Then 5 sets

B1. 3 reps of close grip bench press @ 30X1 tempo (pick a heavy weight for 3 reps)

B2. max set push ups; rest 90 seconds between sets

C. 2 x 60 second max assault bike cals or 2 x 500 m row sprint for calories, rest as needed between

The Whopper

P-Snatch Pull 4×3@105% Then 3×1@115% Then work to a 5RM Power Snatch Then 4×5@80% of 5RM G- 10×6/3 Strict HSPU Then 10×5 Kip HSPU Then 4x wrist curl to failure with empty bar 45/35

AMRAP 6 Min 10 Front Squats 155/105 + 10 Target buprees rest 6 min then AMRAP 6 Min 5 Front Squats @ 205/145 +5 Target Double pushup Target brupees (get in burpee position on the floor then do an extra pushup then back up)(bar should be in a rack)

The Whopper

The Whopper

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CrossFit Albuquerque

Our next 8 week Boot Camp is right around the corner. Get strong, move better, live better.

Crossfit Albuquerque Bootcamp! Next Session Begins August 19th - Crossfit Albuquerque

Whitney’s next Boot Camp session begins Tuesday August 19th @5am. Boot Camp is an 8 week program that meets 2x/week (Tues/Thurs) and is the perfect introduction into Crossfit. Over the course of the 8 weeks you will develop strength and conditioning fundamentals and work your way up in difficulty a…

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"Video skills cred goes to Lani..." on their own video.

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July 2014 Push Press and Caveman

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2013 Crossfit Games Regionals Competition

may 31 to june 3
May 31st-june 2nd, Salt Lake City Utah. Whitney will be competing as an individual and the CFABQ team will be competing as well. If you can make it out there lets represent ABQ!!

We couldnt be more proud of our games athletes! Whitney, as well as the CFABQ team have qualified for regionals in Salt Lake City, Utah. The competition will be held the weekend of May 31st. If you can make it out there it is going to be a blast. The best of the best from the southwest will be there fighting for the top 3 spots. Let s represent ABQ! Check out the games website for more details.

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