Top Podcasts for CrossFitters

Over the course of the last several years, podcast have been making a comeback as a way to share information and drive new and exciting conversations, especially while commuting or traveling. Topics such as politics, business, sports, comedy, education, science, religion, and a multitude of others are gaining popularity across the board — especially in the CrossFit community. Several athletes, boxes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts have put together their own podcasts that discuss health, nutrition, training and all things CrossFit. You can gain inspiration from world-class athletes, take in advice from coaches, and learn about how to approach your training all while driving to school or work.


If you’re looking for fresh insights and information from seasoned athletes, trainers, and nutrition experts, we recommend subscribing to these podcasts to getcha started.


1) CrossFit Radio: Subscribe


CrossFit Radio’s host Justin Judkins interviews a variety of Games athletes and competitors across the country. These dynamic interviews discuss topics such as how to evolve your training over time, how to incorporate CrossFit into your busy life, general nutrition tips, and what’s going on at competitions and boxes around the country. No new episodes being released right now, but there’s a stockpile of great interviews to fill your backlog.


2)Shrugged Collective: Subscribe


Shrugged Collective is a must listen to for all CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts. A new episode from one of their many shows is released most days of the week. That means you get something different each day that will peak your interest and give you practical fitness advice. Some of their popular shows are:


  • Barbell Shrugged– Interviews with athletes and people in the fitness world who share their stories and life advice.

  • Barbell Business– Learn successful CrossFit gym owners and their operations philosophies.


  • The Bledsoe Show– Host Mike Bledsoe discusses all topics health-related whether it’s exercise, healthy eating, or having a well rounded life.

  • Body of Knowledge– Discover what’s going on in the world of fitness-related science. Former comedian and human performance coach, Kenny Kane, and Professor of Exercise Physiology, Andy Galpin make for witty and insightful hosts.

  • Real Chalk– Gain practical advice on how to evolve your training and become a stronger athlete.

  • Feed Me Fuel Me–  Hear about all things nutrition in the world of CrossFit.

  • The Strong Coach– What makes a great coach? This show explores that questions through interviews with seasoned coaches.


3) Chasing Excellence: Subscribe


The host of Chasing Excellence, Ben Bergeron, is one of the sports’s top CrossFit coaches and has served as coach to two-time world champion, Mat Fraser, the Fittest Man on Earth and Katrín Davíðsdóttir, the 2017, Fittest Woman on Earth. Don’t miss out on Bergeron’s insights, released on a weekly basis. His show dives into how we can live up to our potential as athletes and in the rest of our lives. It’s like having a private training session through your earbuds with a world-class coach.


4) Power Athlete: Subscribe


The hosts of Power Athlete, Luke Summers and Tex McQuilkin, interview athletes and fitness enthusiasts weekly. Their interviews are engaging, inspiring, and can even make you laugh. The determination shared in the stories told by professional athletes of all walks of life can beneficial to CrossFitters and other athletes.This podcast is focused on becoming the strongest athlete possible.



5) Girls Gone Wod: Subscribe


Talk about some CrossFit girlpower. Hosts Joy and Claire started this podcast due to their joint love of CrossFit and because of the way it improved their lives. Join them weekly for their straightforward and energetic conversations on the ups and downs of living healthy lives.




This blog was written by Tammy Valentine

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