Totals Week is THIS Week!


It’s BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!! This week we will be partaking in TOTALS WEEK.

For our newer members that are not familiar with Totals Week, the intent of this week is to test our “numbers” and benchmark our progress. We usually have Totals Week every 6 months and test ourselves in several different domains of fitness.

The week is broken up in to sections. We will test the “CrossFit total” on day one; day two we test our gymnastic skills; on the third day we find our Olympic lifting total; the fourth day consists of a 5k run; and the fifth day will test our engine with a CrossFit WOD, usually determined by Joe.

Take Totals Week day by day. Record your numbers to see how you improve over the next 6 months. Use it as a time to test yourself mentally and physically. But most importantly, have fun.

There will be different divisions and we will announce a male and female winner of each division at the end of Totals Week! Keep your eyes peeled on the website for each days activities.

Why You Should Always Train With a Partner

If you are familiar with the gym Invictus and the main coach, C.J. Martin, you may be familiar with his way of thinking and some of his training methods. Recently I read an Invictus blog written by C.J. titled “Good Training Partners Make for Great Training”. You can read the original article HERE. C.J. goes on to talk about…
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Hellooo Reverse Hyper

Recently you may have noticed a new, very large piece of gym equipment by the jump ropes, on the south end of the rig. This is called a Reverse Hyperextension Machine (aka Reverse Hyper). For those of you that are not familiar with this piece of equipment, we want to give you a little information about what it is…
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The Melissa WOD: Saturday, May 28, 2016 @9am & 11am

  As many of you know, our member, Becky Freeman, lost her mother, Melissa, to PSP on May 19, 2016. This  WOD is for her. We will be doing the Melissa WOD on Saturday, May 28, 2016 for the 9am class and11am class. The workout is 5 Rounds for Time: 6 Deadlifts- 12 Chest to Bar pullups- 16 Burpees This workout is to honor her…
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Endurance Class Starts again Sunday, May 29th @8am

You want your endurance/cardio to get better? You want to learn how to run better? Then this is the class for you. The Endurance Class is starting up again now that the weather is warming up. We are moving the class to Sundays (instead of Saturdays) at 8am. The first one will be held on Sunday, May 29th. Each…
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In Search of a Pullup?

For many the pullup is the first and most defining test of upper body strength. There are many things that can contribute to making or breaking your first pullup. Here we will start with some basics.  I for one am sick and tired of hearing the old "I will never do a pull up", with some determination and a few…
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Programming: Personal Training for Recreational Endurance

 In this section of the newsletter we will be posting a 2 week example of various types of programming that are available.  This week we will focus on Personal Training for a recreational endurance athlete.  This person goes to races (running events, triathlons etc) and is focused on completion, not racing to win.  They also want to stay in the…
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