5 Popular CrossFit Instagram Accounts to Follow



Social media makes it easy to stay connected with the CrossFit community. Instagram, especially, has become a social hub for CrossFit Games athletes, coaches, judges, media, and athletes to connect and share information. We’ve curated a list of five popular CrossFit Instagram accounts that do a great job of providing insight into the sport. Be sure to check’em out. We in this! 

1) The official Instagram page for CrossFit 


As the official Instagram page for CrossFit, this is a necessary follow for all CrossFit enthusiasts. From fitness tips to motivational quotes — you can find a wide mix of gnarly CrossFit content. 

If you’re looking for a workout of the day (WOD), videos, tips, courses, seminar information, or descriptions of workouts and skills — this page has it all. If you’re interested in inspiration from affiliates across the world, this page features some of the biggest and the brightest. Connect with a worldwide community of passionate athletes, coaches, and OGs.

2) Official CrossFit Games Account 


Get an up close and personal look at the world’s fittest athletes as they compete each year for the title. Follow articles, stories, and changes as The Open, Regionals, The Games, and the Team Series complete the year-round season of the sport. This account shares extensive coverage of behind the scenes news and and hints of the next contraption Dave Castro is concocting to the Update Show on who’s injured, banned, or debuting as a rookie, it’s worth a follow. 

3) CrossFit Gymnastics 


If you’re ready to get gymnasty, make sure to follow this page dedicated solely to the modality. You’ll see frequent breakdowns of upcoming course offerings, drills, complexes, progressions, and scaling options. Plus — read motivational posts specifically about gymnastics and its unique set of challenges. Find out the latest worldwide news in the community, and even participate from your own gym in events like their recent Handstand Obstacle Week.  

4) CrossFit Training Department 


Ready to level up and tackle the CrossFit Level-1, Level-2, or Level-3 courses? This page is specifically designed for those wanting to geek out on the CrossFit methodology. Follow along as OG CrossFitters, coaches, judges, and CrossFit Games athletes breakdown movements and teach you how to be a better trainer.  Be prepared to learn more about the founding principles that continue to spread like wildfire across the world. Grab and paper and pen and giddy up. You gon’ learn from dis account. 

5)  CrossFit Photojournalism 


Scrolling through this page is like flipping through a beautifully art gallery, displaying some of the most beautiful physiques within CrossFit. This account varies from others as it is more athlete-centric than event-centric. Recall, CrossFit Albuquerque’s very own, Whitney Elks, was featured on this page when she made her debut at the CrossFit Games in 2016. This account features reflections of regional and Games competitors and inspiration galore.


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