Cut the Crap Challenge 2018

2018 CrossFit Albuquerque’s: Cut the Crap Presentation & 6-week Challenge

This year our gym is not doing the ‘same-ol’ New Year challenge you see roll around every January. We are providing CFABQ members with a presentation and 6-week challenge that will set you up for a successful & healthy  2018!!! Coach Becky is presenting on Saturday, January 6th at 3pm on topics that everyone needs to address for success whether that be weight loss, muscle mass gain, enhancing performance, better recovery, improved health… you name it!

The presentation will include the topics that will be addressed during each week of the 6-week challenge. Becky will be going over each topic in detail. Those attending the presentation will also be provided with a workbook where there is detailed information on each topic and also areas to write goals you want to accomplish. Topics include:

Nutrition: You will complete a journal & set behavioral goals as well as remove ‘triggers’ to improve your nutrition.

SLEEP: Imperative for health. Tips will be provided for you to set goals to improve your sleep.

Mobility: Vital and should be on everyones priority list. You will set goals to improve your mobility.

Stress: Chronic, daily stress wears down our body/health. Tips will be provided and you will set goals to help reduce or eliminate stressors.

Our 6-week challenge will then begin Monday, January 8th and run until Sunday, February 18th. We will also have a Facebook page dedicated to this challenge where you can stay updated; utilize resources we post; and post comments. 

The challenge is very individualized because YOU set YOUR goals. Every week of the challenge builds upon the other; goals carry over and continue every week. Every topic plays a role in another to improve your health and fitness.

Make your health & fitness a priority. See you next weekend!

When: PRESENTATIONSaturday, January 6th at 3pm

Where: CrossFit Albuquerque

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